Successful Strategy Implementation Requires Business Capability Alignment

Use Business Capability Alignment Wheel to Implement Strategy

Business Capability Alignment Wheel

You’ve set the strategic direction for transforming your organization’s business. You’ve identified a potential new product or service innovation. You’ve decided upon a new line of business or public service program.

The challenge now is to successfully implement your strategy.

A Forbes study in 2010 showed three common reasons for failed strategy implementations:

  1. Companies misinterpret the market opportunity (23%).
  2. Initiatives don’t align with core competencies (20%).
  3. Key stakeholders don’t understand the strategy and don’t commit or follow-through (19%).

All three of these are some form of misalignment.

Anyone who has driven a car with a misaligned wheel understands the negative impact it has on the vehicle’s performance and effectiveness of the driving experience. The experts know that with the right tools, the problem can be relatively easy and inexpensive to fix when performed before the extra stress causes structural damage. The Business Capability Alignment Wheel is one such tool that is valuable in your strategy execution process. It is useful for both assessing initiative viability and preventing misalignments early on in the design and implementation process. It is also useful to change leaders in developing effective communications.

The Business Capability Alignment Wheel helps you first identify the business capabilities needed to achieve your strategic direction. Then you can use it to architect the appropriate combination of business resources that will deliver optimum capability results. Right from the beginning you can identify and address business capability gaps and eliminate waste in each area of business resources (process, information, people, infrastructure, technology). Using a simple tool to scope, assess, plan and communicate strategic initiatives puts you on a firm footing for a successful strategy implementation.

View an explanation of the Business Capability Wheel.

Business Capability Docket View

Lets take the business capability wheel and flatten it to produce a Business Capability Docket View. This view shows the relative lay of the land with only the necessary level of details. In this example, the key components in each of the business resource areas that are necessary to provide appropriate reimbursement for employee incurred expenses.

Business Capability Docket View

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